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A Royal Affair 2012 English Dubbed Torrent




The real drama that inspired the 1997 movie. An Ordinary Man: A Royal Affair. (1,803). 7.51 h 17 min2011X-RayR. This documentary is the true story of an ordinary man, who, in the early 1980s, finds a rifle hidden in a wardrobe. When he takes it out on a family trip to the castle in Scotland, he accidentally shoots his younger brother. As the authorities and media start to look into the tragedy, he meets Queen Elizabeth II and together they try to clear his brother's name, even though he is guilty of the shooting. A Royal Affair (DVD English Subtitled). (1,747). 7.52 h 17 min1997X-RayR. A royal affair. A real life story of a girl who loses a leg in a shooting accident but is given a second chance to fulfill her dreams by a local football player. This movie took the world by storm. The Royal (1,590). 7.51 h 17 min2005X-RayR. Jackie is only 17 but has been happily dating her boyfriend, Tom, for two years. However, when he is drafted into the army, Jackie is left with a ticking bomb. Her devastated mother, Gwen, tries to find a way to get Jackie back with Tom before he is sent abroad to fight in the war. Jackie needs to be saved before it's too late. A Royal Divorce (1,305). 6.55 h 13 min2011X-RayR. This love story takes place in the early 1980s in England. After being made a queen, Mary has to choose between her beloved King Edward and the love of her life, Gregory. Gregory is a 33-year-old British businessman who has fallen in love with the teenager. The movie traces Mary and Gregory's love story over a three-year period. Mary eventually chooses Gregory over her husband, King Edward, and that tragic romance is revisited in later years. The Royal Wedding. (1,235). 7.49 h 12 min2012X-RayR. The true story of the little-known Queen Elizabeth who had to endure the indignities of the fascist government's harassment in her newly-acquired kingdom of Ghana, before she was crowned the ruler of the United Kingdom in 1953. (Original Broadcast Date: 01/10/1998) Prince for a Day. (1,038). 7.54 h 13 min2011X




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A Royal Affair 2012 English Dubbed Torrent

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