Cow Dung Himalayan Flowers bath Soap - Cowpathy

Cow Dung Himalayan Flowers bath Soap - Cowpathy

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Cowpathy Cow dung soaps are patented soaps, that foams well and smells aromatic.

It is a mild scrubbing soap due to the presence of Cow dung in it.

Dried & Pulverised Cow dung, obtained from Indigenous cows is blended with different flowers Powder, Flowers essential oils & saponified coconut soap base at proper temperature to produce a Patented Aromatic foaming Cow dung bath Soap.

Features & Details
1) Cow dung Exfoliates, hydrates , Nourishes, heals skin ailments like eczema to Gangrene including wounds, imparts antiseptic bath and helps detoxify the skin.
2) Flower Blend: Moisturises, makes skin soft, hydrates.
3) Foams well
4) Lasts longer than regular soaps of twice its weight.
5) Smells Aromatic Essential oil till end. (Doesn?t smell Cow dung)
6) Doesn?t Break even after getting thin during bath.
7) Pouch around soap locks fragrance.
8) Shelf Life 2years.

Product Information
Product type: Solid Bath Soap
Shape: Round
Skin Type: For all Skin Type
Age: From 2 years onwards.
Color: Black/ Dark Brown
Wt: 75g