Hiding In Unnatural Happiness  by Devamrita Swami

Hiding In Unnatural Happiness by Devamrita Swami

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The present focus of Western happiness science generally lands on genetics. At least 50 percent of our personal sense of well-being, we are told, derives from our genetic makeup. Our circumstances, such as where you live or work, or your health or marriage – established situations that are difficult to change – weigh in at only 10 percent.

After the 60% predetermined by genetics and curtailed by situations, our personal choices and will – the “Life is what you make of it” factor – come into play, for the remaining 40 percent.

This book explores another perspective, suggests a different road, one less traveled.
Beyond the material obstructions of genetics and circumstances, surpassing the tiny potential of our material intentionality and will, we can aspire for the realm of pure spiritual consciousness. On that route, we have 100 percent access to genuine happiness and well-being – for both the individual and society.