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This is a wonderful cookbook for Ekadashi days. Devotees of Krishna observe fasting for Ekadashi every fortnight (the 11th day after the new and full moon). On this day devotees do not eat any food containing beans or grains, and they increase their spiritual practices in order to derive great spiritual benefit. It might be sometimes classed as difficult to cook for these special days. But this cookbook is a great help in this regard.


The author, Ranjan Hariyani, is providing such awesome recipes, that these fasting days can turn into feasts.

Ranjan Hariyani can be described as a marathon runner who, whether injured or simply exhausted, would limp or even crawl to get to the finish line. Her determination and charisma drive her to finish what she starts. Her life has been full of adventures, from owning a beauty academy, driver education school, and others, but it was her passion for cooking with devotion which was closest to her heart. She started a simple girl assisting her mother in the kitchen, but her passion for food and presentation of it in a devotional mood, led her to open a vegetarian restaurant in India in the 1980s, having a Krishna Chaat cafe in Silicon Valley, California and training and volunteering at the Iskcon temple in Watford – Bhaktivedanta manor by cooking for hundreds of devotees and guests.


With her health deteriorating in recent years, having to opt for some surgeries and overcoming a stroke and other ailments, she no longer can actively cook for crowds. So after words of encouragement from friends and family, her passion for cooking has culminated in single-handedly creating this wonderful cookbook with her favorite recipes. Not only did she test and re-test every single recipe, but she also took all photos herself as well as typing and proofreading the whole book. This meant for her to learn basic things about modern technology and computers, which at her age was not an easy challenge to overcome. But the proof that she succeeded is the book in our offer. Feel welcome to test her recipes too and get intrigued by her love.


1. Starters – Recipes 1-44

2. Salads – Recipes 45-53

3. Soups – Recipes 54-62

4. Wraps – Recipes 63-72

5. Baked Dishes – Recipes 73-98

6. Sabjis – Recipes 99-117

7. Farali Breads – Recipes 118-130

8. Farali Rice – Recipes 131-138

9. Desserts – Recipes 139-162

10. Dips & Raitas – Recipes 163-176

11. Chutneys – Recipes 177-186

12. Smoothies – Recipes 187-200

13. Basic Recipes – Recipes 1-15


Feast On Fasting Day

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