Our Story

Back in 1966, a Swami had just arrived into New York City.

Coming from mystical India, dressed like a saffron-clad jewel, the Swami had a dream to rekindle spirituality in the West.

 He decided to open a tiny storefront temple, aptly named Matchless Gifts.

Swami introduced;

The Art of Devotion and Love - Bhakti Yoga

 He gifted a beautiful lifestyle of endless inspiration and spiritual joy;

Ancient Spiritual Literature meticulously translated into Epic volumes of timeless wisdom which became a Westerners approach into Sacred Living.

Ancient Iconography became avant-garde themes of love and devotion.

Arts and crafts emerged into techniques of spirituality, reverence and allegiance.

Eastern Clothing concepts distinguished spirituality.

Jewellery manifested into healing gemstones and sacred tulsi.

Ayurvedic concepts prevailed modern malady.

Traditional instruments evolved into transcendental companions.

Sacred chants manifested into beautiful kirtan.

Scrupulous vegetarian recipes incited with spiritual significance revealed a higher taste in the Western kitchen.

This culture of timeless sacred wisdom with modern relevance became globally recognised making

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada the Founder of The International Society For Krishna Consciousness.

The Radha-Krishna Temple was established in 1969 in the heart of London.

Over 50 years later, from the heart of bustling Soho, Radha’s Boutique continues to serve you with the matchless gifts of endless inspiration and spiritual joy.